A tattoo sleeve six years in the making has given Auckland man Lee Weir a Guinness World Record.

The 27-year-old abstained from drinking booze last year and spent the money he otherwise would have spent on beer on 41 tattoos of TV's biggest beer drinker -- Homer Simpson.

Mr Weir approached Guinness World Records, who said a record for the most Homer Simpson tattoos was "too niche".

After much to-ing and fro-ing a new record was created, for the most tattoos of a single cartoon character.


Mr Weir got his first tattoo of Homer in 2007, and knew he wanted to create a sleeve on his left arm in tribute to his favourite TV show.

His initial idea was to get a bunch of different characters from The Simpsons, but he discovered there were too many to choose from.

"I couldn't decide who to put on and who to leave off. How do you include Lenny and not Carl? How do you include Moe but not Sideshow Bob?"

Mr Weir decided upon the idea of Homer in different guises and last year, with tattoo artist Ben Jenkins, designed the sleeve featuring his favourite Homers.

An episode index from season one to season 20 served as the inspiration for finding all instances where Homer was not Homer.

Baby Homer inside the womb, Homer as a donut and Homer dressed up as Krusty when he went to clown college are all featured.

His favourite is Homer as the Thing, a big orange rocky superhero, from Fantastic Four.

"I like that because I'm a big orange guy. I can relate to it ... It's just so appropriate."

After 25 hours under the needle and more than $2000 spent, the work was complete.

Mr Weir's wife Nikita and daughter Lucy are both big fans of his tattoos, he said.

"[Nikita] let me have a little extra spending money so I could get it done quicker, it was marvellous.

"[Lucy] points them out all the time, and her favourite is Baby Homer. She points to it all the time and says 'Baby Homer' and even gives it a little kiss from time to time."

Mr Weir is studying full time and hopes to one day teach drama at high school and doesn't think his tattoos will be barrier to employment.

"They're not offensive ... there's no naked ladies or anything. It's just a tribute to a cartoon TV show that I absolutely love."