Jessica Alba goes a little bit crazy in the new clip for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

The long overdue sequel to the film noir stylised 2005 comic book adaptation again stars Alba as the stripper Nancy, who doesn't appear to be handling the death of Bruce Willis' Detective John Hartigan, very well.

After opening with Senator Roark (played again by Powers Boothe) laughing maniacally in a newspaper clipping, Nancy stands before a mirror, the ghost of her Hartigan watching beside her."Maybe I'll prove both of you wrong," she says, picking up a pair of scissors and beginning to hack off her blonde locks.

"Maybe I'll go crazy. Crazy's sounding pretty good right now."


It cuts to a leather and studded covered figure with dark, curly hair, loading a gun.

The character looks up as Mickey Rourke's Marv walks in: it's Nancy, her face now covered in a number of black and white stitches.

New Zealand fans will have to wait until September 18 to find out the full story of Nancy's transformation in the sequel, which is based on Frank Miller's graphic novels.

The cast of old and new faces in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For include Eva Green, Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Josh Brolin and it's co-directed again by Miller and Robert Rodriguez.