Kiwi actress Anna Paquin is upping the ante on the latest cover of the US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

The True Blood star has stripped down for an eye-catching photo with her real-life husband Stephen Moyer, 41, before the show's final season.

The couple also opened up about their steamy onscreen love scenes.

"We've done a lot of odd shit," Paquin told the magazine. "We set the bar very high for weird very early on ... Actually, the potentially awkward couplings [are] not the weirdest shit that we've done on this show."


Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin pose for Entertainment Weekly.

Paquin, 31, and Moyer, who have twins together, also turned heads when they graced the cover of Rolling Stone nude and spattered in fake blood with co-star Alexander Skarsgard in 2010 - the year they wed.

The trio will be gearing up for their final run as supernaturals in True Blood's seventh season.

Paquin, a former Wellingtonian, shot to fame at the age of 9 for her Oscar-winning appearance in Jane Campion's The Piano.