Courtney Love knew that her "fling" with Steve Coogan was never meant to be long-term.

"That was a two-week fling and we didn't even exchange numbers at the end of it," said Love.

"That was my last dance with cocaine."

Love has previously admitted that she had no idea that Coogan was famous for playing Alan Partridge; she was attracted to him after his role as Tony Wilson in 2002 film 24 Hour Party People - "somebody I'd always had a daddy thing for".


Although her tryst with Coogan put her off cocaine, it didn't deter her from opiates - which she now enjoys through her dentist.

"Moderation is key," she told Sunday Times Magazine. "When it comes to things like opiates, or cocaine, or even tequila, it's hard. I love opiates and I went to the dentist recently and he gave me whatever I wanted. I said, 'I think I'm in love with you.'

"I hadn't gotten that high in years and I was allowed to do it legally because I had to get this molar fixed."

Although you might imagine that Love has partied with many people in her time, some of her guests have been more unexpected than others.

Around 10 years ago, Prince Andrew arrived unannounced on her doorstep hoping for fun. However, what ensued was very civilised.

"It was around the time there were photos of him on a yacht with topless women - I think he wanted to hang out in Hollywood," recalled Love.

"So he rang the bell but my Antipodean nanny wouldn't get up because she's anti-monarchy, so I had to go down in my slippers and bathrobe. I had all these Jubilee mugs with pictures of the Queen that I bought in Hay-on-Wye, so I made him a really good pot of tea, I warmed the pot, and I gave him the a mug with his mum on it and he saw the joke.

"He asked, 'What do you do all day? Which I thought was just nerdy. I said, 'What do you do all day Prince?"


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