X-Men: Days of Future Past in cinemas now

It's taken six separate movie appearances, but Wolverine's finally got his kit off. Why? Just because Hugh Jackman wanted to. If you're new to the franchise, don't worry - it's not all nudity, odd haircuts, angled sideburns and ladies painted blue. The X-Men franchise is a little like The Avengers but with weirder superpowers, geekier injokes, amazingly complicated fight sequences and some really, really bad guys. This Bryan Singer-directed instalment has had decent reviews - here's ours - and as a bonus, Anna Paquin's there in a cameo role near the end. So, no toilet breaks or you might miss it.
Watch the trailer here:

Gary Numan, The Studio, Friday

You can wear whatever you want to a Gary Numan show - as long as it's in various shades of black and accompanied by Doc Marten boots with two-inch soles. The original Prince of Darkness graces our shores for an intimate show on the back of last year's well-received album, Splinter. It seems he's had a bit of a revival lately, thanks to praise from sources as varied as Kanye West, Marilyn Manson and Prince, who labelled Numan a "genius". But I only ever take advice from Trent Reznor, and if he says Numan is "vitally important and a huge inspiration", then he should be believed.


The Official 2014 Music Month Summit, Auckland Museum, Saturday

New Zealand Music Month brings out the industry powerbrokers and talent today for a three-session discussion about international development, artist development and songwriting. It's open to the public and the panels will include everyone from Lorde and Sol3 Mio manager Scott MacLachlan to veteran songwriters like Shayne Carter and Jordan Luck to rising stars like Iva Lamkum and Jamie McDell.
Just head to the Auckland Museum Auditorium (via Southern Atrium Entrance). The sessions start at 11am and go until 4.30pm today. Free entry

Dawn Raid's 15th Anniversary tour, The Studio, Saturday night

We did wonder if they were going to get around to celebrating this. When TimeOut spoke to Brother D back in April, the Dawn Raid co-founder said he was too busy to organise anything official. Looks like he's changed his mind - the South Auckland record and clothing label is hitting the road with an all-star line-up of Savage, Deceptikonz, Aaradhna, Sammy J, Che Fu and Monsta in tow. The crew kick things off in Wellington on Friday, hit Auckland on Saturday, then head to Australia for three shows.

Documentary Edge Festival 2014

It's the first weekend for this feast of factual films from near and far. Among this weekend's highlights are Bill Siegel's The Trials of Muhammad Ali about the boxer's fight against the draft (Sunday night 8.30pm) while on Saturday the programme offers a profile of another tough customer, former prime minister Helen Clark in Helen which is the feature length version of the doco which screened on TV3 last year. The festival runs until June 2 at Q Auckland, 305 Queen St. For more info documentaryedge.org.nz

- TimeOut