If that look and her comments on Twitter are anything to go by, Lorde was a bit confused about winning the Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Song ahead of Capital Cities, Imagine Dragons and Passenger.

But she's wrong.

this is me confused about unwittingly having written best ~rock~ song lol dork https://t.co/wQlKkZAXjL

Here are five reasons why Royals is very much a rock song:

1. Royals name checks all the rock star trappings


I'm sorry, but if you name-check any of the following: Grey Goose vodka, Cadillacs, Cristal, Maybachs, jet planes, tigers or gold leashes, you are most definitely rock and roll. And those trashed hotel rooms she sings about are the most cliched thing in rock folklore.

2. Two words: Bruce Springsteen
If it's good enough for the rocking legend that is The Boss to sing, then Royals is obviously a rock song. Enough said.

3. Joel Little is a rocker
Her partner in songwriting crime is a rocker to his core. Before he was helping some of the best music in ages find its way into the world, Joel Little was the lead singer of Goodnight Nurse, the (pop) punk band that won many a young female fan with their edgy haircuts, tattoos and dark videos.

4. Lorde wears mostly black
It's very rare to see Miss Yelich-O'Connor in anything other than the darkest of hues - be it in her clothes or on her lips. But that goth-like aesthetic is one long embraced by the rock community. From black t-shirts to black jeans, noir is the colour du joir for those tougher musicians, and Lorde fits in perfectly.

5. She is confused for Kurt Vile
They both have long, unruly hair. They ... actually, that's about it, but the limited similarities hasn't stopped The Internet from pretending Lorde and indie rock king Kurt Vile are actually the same person. There's even a Tumblr account dedicated to the pair, and it's actually quite brilliant.

- nzherald.co.nz