Shortland Street

star Teuila Blakely has spoken of the "pain, humiliation and embarrassment" her sex tape with a Warriors player has caused.

The short video - which also featured Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell, 22 - briefly leaked online on Monday, and Blakely quickly admitted it was her, saying the tape "wasn't meant to have been leaked".

Blakely, 39, took to her Facebook page to apologise and discuss the "pain, humiliation and embarrassment" the video had caused her friends and family.


Read Blakely's full statement:

She said: "I am heartbroken to know I have disappointed, hurt and lost respect from people who have been so incredibly supportive of my career and a community that I have always worked hard to serve the best I have been able to."

Blakely also who has visited several radio stations today to discuss the topic, telling The Edge the past few days had been "intense".

"They've been intense and - I'm not going to lie - incredibly challenging and upsetting at times, but I've had much tougher times in my life. When you put it into perspective like that, it will pass, it will be over at some point."

Blakely said her son - who is the same age as Hurrell - was "incredibly upset" but also supportive over the incident.

She said the clip was leaked by a third party - and she and Hurrell, who aren't dating, weren't sure who it was.

She also told Mai FM she had been abused online about the incident, saying: "I've taken a lot of hits."

Vodafone Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell has apologised and will also be fined and sanctioned over a social media post which led to an investigation being launched by the club on Monday. Hurrell will be fined $5000 over the release of a sex tape with Shortland Street actress Teuila Blakely. The tape was made public briefly on social media.

Hurrell was fined $5000 by the Warriors over the incident, and had apologised to fans "for the trouble I have caused".

"I've embarrassed the club, my team-mates, the members and most of all my family. I made a bad decision but I will learn from this."

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