Dance beats, pop melodies and not a single guitar note between them - what the hell is up with Britain's biggest rock bands at the moment?

That's surely the question that has to be asked after the recent release of new singles from three of the UK's most well known guitar acts: Coldplay, Kasabian and The Kooks.

Firstly, Coldplay have released A Sky Full of Stars, a shimmeringly soft collaboration with dance guru Avicii that includes Chris Martin cooing over the kind of synthy dance-stomp you'd expect from pop princess Rihanna.

It's the fourth song released from Coldplay's upcoming new album, Ghost Stories, due out on May 19. You can make up your own mind about the song below:


Also dropping the guitars and aiming for a club-friendly vibe is Kasabian, those rowdy Leicester lads who more notable for their grizzly beards and inspiring moshpits during their killer festival slots than providing the soundtrack for glowsticks mayhem.

Their latest track Eez-eh - from the album 48:13, due out on June 9 - sounds like the kind of cheesy dance fare the 90s would be proud of. Listen to it below:

Finally, The Kooks have always been a poppier alt-rock option, but their latest single takes things to an R&B-inspired extreme.

Down, the first taste of their new album Listen due out on August 29, combines bluesy vocals, hippy handclaps, lots of "la la las" and a southern take on trip-hop in a surprising left turn.

At least there's a couple of seconds of guitar just after the two minute mark. But does the oddball mix of musical styles work? Decide for yourself below:

If you need some guitars in your life after that soft lot, heavy metallers Mastadon are here to save you.

Check out the new single High Road - from the album Once More 'Round the Sun, due out on June 24 - below: