The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast live in New Zealand for the first time this year.

The competition, which sees established and unknown artists representing countries from Europe and the UK compete to be named the winner, is the world's biggest non-sporting live TV event, broadcast to hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

In 1974, Eurovision was the launching pad for Swedish pop sensation ABBA, who remain the most successful competition winners since its inception almost 60 years ago.

French Canadian singer Celine Dion launched her career internationally after her win at the 1988 contest, while Cliff Richard competed twice, finishing in second and third place.


Kiwis can watch the two semi-finals live on UKTV on May 7 and May 9 at 7am, while the final featuring 26 contestants, screens on May 11 at 7am.

Watch Romania's 2013 entry below: