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As 7 Days celebrates its 150th episode, we asked some of the show's regulars to mathematically define what the show has meant ... and below, producer Jon Bridges reveals the true numbers behind its success

Percentage estimates on how much of regular panellists' profile is due to 7 Days:

Dai Henwood:

It has increased my profile 65 per cent. Before that I had a rising profile through my stand-up comedy and TV shows

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. That means currently 27 per cent of New Zealanders know who I am 7 per cent of the time.

Paul Ego: 7 Days has definitely made me probably 20 per cent better known than I was 80 per cent of the time and 100 per cent better known than I was before the invention of percentages. I had about a 72 per cent comedy profile already thanks to live gigs and being on The Rock but 7 Days has done more for me than anything else, that's for sure.

Jeremy Elwood: I've been doing comedy 15 years, and 7 Days has been running for five years, so 33.33333 per cent.

Chopper: I think probably about 62.48 per cent of my profile in New Zealand is from 7 Days. It's a great show, with a really funny bunch of people and I love doing it. The 7 Days audience gets to see a different side of Chopper because it drags him out of his world of crime and scumbags and puts him into the everyday of news and current affairs.

Ben Hurley: An unquantifiable amount.

Urzila Carlson: 7 Days is a machine that fast-forwards your career in New Zealand. I'd say about 60 per cent.

Percentage estimates on how much they've said on the show made it to broadcast:

Ben Hurley.
Henwood: I would say 2.5 per cent. I talk 87 per cent of the time 65 per cent of what I say is recorded but 62.5 per cent gets the cutting-room floor.

Ego: Way less than 100 per cent thankfully. Obviously 200 per cent of what I say during the recording of the show is pure gold but only about 30 per cent of that gold turns out to be anything a jeweller would recognise. My attitude to the recordings is always say the first thing that comes into my head and then take it as far as I can.

Elwood: Made it to broadcast? 50 per cent. Should have made it to broadcast? 40 per cent. Really, really wish it hadn't made it to broadcast? 2.7 per cent.

Chopper: I'd say about 22.49876 per cent of what I say makes it to air. I talk a lot. The show is like hanging out and talking rubbish with friends so it's good to just let the brakes off and point it down a hill and let the editors take what they like. The studio record is a different experience to what is broadcast, and if people get a chance to get to go, they should see some of the gold that just doesn't fit into a TV show.

Hurley: 110 per cent, in that sometimes I see things on the broadcast that I don't remember saying.

Carlson: 20 per cent.

Percentage estimates on how much funnier their Comedy Festival live shows are than they are on 7 Days:

Dai Henwood.
Henwood: I will be 100 per cent funny 60 per cent of the time. In fact, if you spend time figuring out what percentage of the show I am funny for, you will miss the jokes.

Ego: Percentages don't go high enough for how amazingballs my show is gonna be. Expect magic, romance, suspense and recipes. And then be thankful when none of those things appear.

Elwood: 28 per cent. That's because it's just me, so I've divided by seven (the other people on 7 Days) and multiplied by two (as my live show is twice as long as an episode of 7 Days).

Chopper: I'd say that I am 112.935 per cent funnier in my live show, just because I don't have Corbett trying to call me out on some of the weird unrehearsed stuff I say and making me look like a dick from time to time.

Hurley: It's apples and oranges. It's a different genre of funny. But probably three apples and two oranges funnier, mainly because there aren't any adverts in my show.

Carlson: 98.3 per cent. Because it's just me and there will be some nudity.*

* There is no nudity.

The 7 Days comedy festival episode tomorrow night is also the show's 150th programme. We asked producer Jon Bridges for other significant numbers in the show's colourful history and for his picks of the best political and musical guests...

7 Days producer Jon Bridges.
12.6s The longest laugh ever broadcast. That was when a 9-year-old boy who was part of a line-up for our History game took Dai's place on the panel and looked just like him.

6 April 2012 Date of the highest-rating show with a cast of Jeremy Corbett, Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Jono Pryor, Ben Hurley, Chopper and Jesse Griffin.

1610 Total number of news stories discussed on the programme.

87 Number of jokes per episode (on average).

5 Number of major news events where it was decided no jokes would be attempted.

15 Number of shows to feature no reference to Dai Henwood's height or Jeremy Corbett's child bride. These were all during a moratorium in 2012, which was ended because ratings fell drastically.

463 Total hours we've recorded for.

58.74 Total hours on air.

71 Number of comedians who have appeared on the show in total.

123 Number of times there has been at least one woman on the panels.

19 Age of youngest first appearance on the panel - Rose Matafeo. (2010)

49 Age of oldest first appearance on the panel - Mike King.

3300 Number of people on the waiting list to be in the studio audience at a 7 Days recording - currently.

4 Number of times the C-bomb has been dropped and made it to air.

55 Number of official complaints lodged.

2 Number of official complaints upheld.

51 Number of MPs who have appeared on the show.

72 Schools we have filmed at.

58 New Zealand bands who have sung on the show.

0 Number of times John Key has appeared on the show.

12-ish. Number of times he's been asked.

Top five highest numbers of appearances
68 Ben Hurley
49 Jeremy Elwood
41 Steve Wrigley
31 Urzila Carlson
30 Chopper

Top five "Slice of 7" musical guests

Jon Toogood
Sol3 Mio
Tiki Taane
Topp Twins
Dave Dobbyn (his song Slice of Heaven named the game Slice of 7, so it was a big honour to have him on).

Top five 'Yes Minister' guests.

Tim Shadbolt
Mojo Mathers
Hone Harawira
Bob Parker
Tim Shadbolt's second appearance.

7 Days panellists at the Comedy Festival:
Jeremy Elwood plays Vault at Q Theatre, Auckland, April 24-25, April 29-May 3, 8.45pm
Dai Henwood hosts Best of The Billys, SkyCity Theatre, Auckland, May 10, 8pm; Last Laughs - Skycity Theatre, Auckland, May 18, 7pm
Heath Franklin's Chopper in Repeat Offender is at SkyCity Theatre, Auckland, May 14-17 and is on tour throughout the country
Paul Ego plays the Rangatira at Q Theatre, Auckland, May 7-10
Urzila Carlson in Poize Control!, Rangatira at Q Theatre, Auckland. May 1-May 3, 9pm
Ben Hurley in The Reckoning Loft at Q Theatre, Auckland, April 25-26; April 29-May 3, 8.45pm

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