We scoured the internet for entertainment titbits you might have missed. Here's our top 10 compilation of highlights.


Suffering from

Game of Thrones

withdrawls? Can't wait for next Monday already? Here's a couple of things that will help. The first is


(our favourite is Daenerys' "lazy Sunday" Instagram post). The second is

of the making of the

Two Swords

episode. If that doesn't keep you happy, you'll just have to play with your collection of miniature figures for a few days.

2. James Franco can't stop frowning even when he gets to wear expensive sunglasses, drive a beautiful car and chase an equally beautiful woman across Hollywood. Cheer up dude! But maybe stay off your phone for a while.

3. Ten years? Has it really been 10 years since Deadwood debuted? It's enough to make you feel like grabbing a saloon hat and binge-watching all three seasons again. Here's an entertaining Q&A with some of the smaller actors involved in the show.

4. Heavy metal rockers pose with their cats. Enough said.

5. Feel like dressing like Lorde? The Kiwi starlet has taken to posting her outfits on Instagram, including the brand of black toenail polish she's wearing.

6. Are you heading to Coachella this weekend? You lucky little devil you. Here's the newly released timetable, with Lorde playing at 7.55pm on Saturday on the Outdoor Theatre, while the Naked and Famous hit the main stage at 5.40pm on Sunday.

7. Would you have sex with Paul Rudd for $1? Would you? WOULD YOU?

8. The Hollywood Reporter has one of the first reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Read it here. We'll have our own interviews with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield next week.

9. Here are the six worst movie explosions ever - including a surprising number of recent films. We're looking at you, Casino Royale.
10. Take Jaquie Brown's advice and click on her link. You will not be disappointed...

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