Big-name pop stars don't often get to see the sights when they tour New Zealand. It's usually a case of in-and-out, as quickly as possible.

But not Justin Timberlake. The Suit & Tie singer will play shows at Auckland's Vector Arena on October 12, 13 and 15 - his first visit to New Zealand since 2007.

Noticing he will have a break between his second and third performances, we have come up with a few ideas to keep Timberlake (and maybe even wife Jessica Biel if she's keeping him company) busy on that Tuesday in October:

1. Spend the day in the TimeOut hot seat as guest editor. Tuesday is our deadline day, and the boss could use a day to put his feet up. But that doesn't mean he gets to be the cover star.


2. JT is a massive golfer - he plays off a handicap of six (which sounds impressive) and even owns his own, eco-friendly, golf course in Memphis. So obviously he should go hit a few while he's here in Auckland. Can I suggest the glow-in-the-dark mini-putt course in Takapuna for a challenge?

3. While he's over that side of the bridge, maybe he could meet up with Lorde for a flat white and join the growing list of stars to take a selfie with the Kiwi wunderkind. Take that TSwift.

4. We've seen the paparazzi photos - Timberlake likes his water sports. While a jet ski has been his recent toy of choice, why not jump in a kayak and take a guided night trip over to Rangitoto to watch the sunset before paddling back in the dark?

5. It's a well known fact around these parts - Grey Lynn's Farro Fresh is THE place to be if you are a local celebrity. Timberlake had better get down early to be seen by the people that matter (and to ensure he doesn't miss out on the free samples).

6. If the free salami wasn't enough, what screams "it's night time in Auckland" like BYO and dumplings on Dominion Rd? Nothing, that's what...

7. Except maybe a bit of quality NZ telly. Someone needs to track down a couple of episodes of Police Ten 7 and Neighbours at War for the Timberlakes, stat.

8. Instead of staying at a gorgeous five-star hotel for the night, maybe Timberlake could consider bunking down at Auckland Zoo. The Your Safari Night includes a classic Kiwi BBQ and a torch-lit adventure around the zoo.

9. Before the night is through, the star of Inside Llewyn Davis should revisit his role in the folky film with a trip to the Devonport Folk Club at its home of 40 years, The Bunker.

10. And finally, as luck (or good planning) would have it, Timberlake will be in Auckland just days before his second wedding anniversary to Biel on October 19. What better way to celebrate than renewing their vows on the lawn of the Outrageous Fortune house with celeb celebrant Ewen Gilmour doing the deed. A perfect Westie wedding.