Grammy Award-winning Pharrell Williams says he'd love to work with Lorde but isn't sure the Kiwi songstress feels the same.

"She doesn't need me, but I would love to work with her," he told Channel Seven's Sunrise program.

The hitmaker is in Australia as part of the Future Music festival lineup, and kicked off his trip in Sydney by performing his hit Happy with the Australian Girls Choir in Sydney.

It's been a whirlwind year for the N.E.R.D frontman, who has been lauded for his hand in Daft Punk's Get Lucky single and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.


"I continue to make songs and I think I'm getting a little better," said Williams.

"It's the people who have lifted me as high as right now. I've never seen these heights before."

The producer says there's been a shift in people's music tastes which have spurred artists to think outside the square.

"We want to make music that does a little bit more than just sound good.

"When you hear Lorde's music, you hear her lyrics, you hear her melody, and you hear her music.

"But you also feel what she's saying."

That kind of connection is what Williams he hopes his new album, G I R L, will achieve.

"When you do something that emotes, even if people don't understand what you're saying language wise, they can feel it.


"There's something that resonates with them."

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