I've never been to a Jamaican dancehall. It's on the bucket list, just not the been there done that side. If I did though, and it was in full, sweaty, grinding, flight, I'm pretty sure Major Lazer's latest offering would be the soundtrack thumping away.

Anyone who was at this year's Big Day Out no doubt witnessed the T-shirt-waving hysteria the super-producer can create. Here on this five track EP, it's condensed into less than 20 minutes of intoxicating, body-moving madness.

Major Lazer is the electronic dancehall DJ project from American producer Diplo, with the 2009 hit album, Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do setting the tone. Five years later, and Apocalypse Soon is like the after, after, after party that just won't quit. The earworm track Aerosol Can, featuring man-of-the-moment Pharrell Williams, opens things up with all the playful, intoxicating goodness you'd expect. As he floats smoothly over tongue-twisting rhymes, it's impossible not to wiggle in your seat.

There's not a moment to catch your breath on this high-energy album, from a thumping stint by reggae king Sean Paul on Come On To Me, and the anthemic, steamy Sound Bang, featuring Michael Montano.


It's a track full of beachy hooks intertwined with big, bold sounds. Try sitting still. I dare you.

- TimeOut