What are Eminem's five greatest songs? Chris Schulz composes his list.

My Name Is


The song that announced Eminem's arrival pairs slurred Dr Dre beats with celebrity-bashing rhymes about Kris Kross, Pamela Anderson and Usher. At one point Em threatens to impregnate a Spice Girl. Potent stuff that was inescapable.

Stan (2000)


Eminem's finest moment comes as he impersonates a deranged fan who stuffs his girlfriend into the boot of a car then drives off a bridge while Dido sings mournfully in the background. Eminem's fourth verse, an attempt to reason with Stan, still hits emotional buttons nearly 15 years on.

The Way I Am (2000)

"I'm not Mr Friendly, I can be a prick," declares Eminem on his angriest five minutes that serves as a direct attack against his critics. Media, radio DJs, family members and fans who ask him for autographs in toilets all get a serve on his ultimate middle finger anthem.

Lose Yourself (2002)

The Grammy-winning song from Eminem's 8 Mile movie is a battle cry for anyone who has stared fear in the face and survived. One of Em's most uplifting moments, it details his character's rise from a mobile home battle rapper to a globetrotting superstar. Hmmm, remind you of anyone?

Rap God (2013)

The best moment on last year's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 album came in the frenetic fury of Rap God which finds Eminem showing off his split personalities over a blistering six minutes. "I'm beginning to feel like a rap God," declares Em on the hook.

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