Comic Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed plans to reunite his former Seinfeld co-stars for a special project.

The star sparked rumours this month of a much-anticipated get-together when he was spotted shooting with Jason Alexander and Larry David at Tom's Restaurant in New York.

The restaurant featured as the diner in the hit show, which ran from 1989 to 1998.

Seinfeld refused to offer an explanation for the reunion, prompting many to speculate they were filming a Super Bowl advertisement.


The comedian has now revealed there will be no commercial, adding, "It's a secret project".

He says the Seinfeld cast will be back for the "one-and-done" project, adding it will be out "very, very soon".

The stars of Seinfeld - including Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards - last reunited for several episodes of David's HBO comedy show Curb Your Enthusiasm in which they played exaggerated versions of themselves.

It featured new Seinfeld scenes of the cast together, the first since the show ended in 1998 after 180-episode run.