Good Times isn't very good...' />

Let's be honest, Kim Dotcom's Good Times isn't very good...

TimeOut gave the internet tycoon's album a measly 1/5 stars, calling it "on a par with the kind of dreck that made Rebecca Black an infamous YouTube star."

Luckily, we've put together a mix of rad dance tracks that are actually worth listening to.

Featuring sick electro-beats from heavy weights like Major Lazer and The Chemicals Brothers, to Grammy winners Daft Punk and the recently popular Russian-German DJ, Zedd. We've even thrown in songs from local talents Shapeshifter and Kora.


So crank that stereo up loud and get ready to rave!

Today's playlist was curated by entertainment reviewer Rachel Bache. Follow nzherald_ent on Spotify for more playlists.