Comedy video website's stamp of approval for Kiwi duo's movie What We Do in the Shadows is a major coup for marketing and promotion.

Comedy video website Funny or Die, co-founded by Hollywood star Will Ferrell, has partnered with Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, which premiered at the Sundance Festival in Utah on Sunday.

The movie screened as part of the Park City at Midnight programme. Waititi could not be reached at the time of print, but he earlier said on Twitter: "Vampires just killed the midnight audience at the Sundance Festival Premiere."

Funny or Die has an ownership stake in the film, the Hollywood Reporter said this week. The movie is produced by Waititi's Defender Films and Unison Films, a New York-based production company aligned with Cliff Curtis.

"Funny or Die is coming on board the film in a similar fashion as Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino would join a completed film to 'present' or executive produce, lending a name and a stamp of approval," THR said.


It will use its brand and social media reach to help market and promote the movie. It's quite the coup.

What Henry won't drive

He has a lucrative presenting sponsorship deal with Kia for his upcoming show, but don't expect Paul Henry to get behind the wheel. The car aficionado with a penchant for classic American muscle cars won't be driving the South Korean brand.

"John Campbell drives his Mazda [Campbell Live is sponsored by Mazda] but I already have a number of cars. I don't need another. My daughter drives a Kia. I'm very happy they are on board with the show," Henry said.

A TV3 source says Henry is so insistent on being seen as authentic that he re-filmed the opening sequence to the new trailer for The Paul Henry Show because he worried it appeared as if he drove a Kia. The sponsor's car was conspicuously placed in shot. Henry insisted his car should be there, too.

Christmas fizzer

Jaws apparently dropped when mother-of-four (and with one on the way) Anna Guy unexpectedly turned up to the 3rd Degree Christmas barbecue held at Sam Hayes' house. Guy, an aspiring media star whose third autobiographical report for the TV3 show never eventuated, was bright and breezy. "Hello everyone, good to see you," she said cheerily. Duncan Garner joked: "Are you here to make the coffee?" Apparently it didn't go down well.

The Sharp end of 7pm

With only five days to go and new publicity stills hot off the press yesterday, TVNZ's resurrected daily current affairs show Seven Sharp is set to go. But there's a few more things to get right, first. As The Diary goes to press, Seven Sharp's website is yet to be updated. Raewyn Rasch is wrongly listed as executive producer - she was let go for ex-Sunday reporter Pete Cronshaw. Jesse Mulligan's mug in the online presenting line-up looks lonely without co-stars Mike Hosking and Toni Street. Could someone at TVNZ get those new promo pics posted quick smart?

The three hosts were together for the first time in the studio yesterday and TVNZ says they are leaving them to get their chemistry right. Time is of the essence if Seven Sharp: Part Two is to make a good first impression.

The Diary was declined the chance to interview the presenters yesterday but in a TVNZ statement , returning host Jesse Mulligan says: "It's a great privilege to be working with Toni and Mike in 2014. Toni is a natural broadcaster - warm, smart and fun. And Mike is a legend, pure and simple - I'm looking forward to learning from him and, of course, taking the mickey out of him."

Hosking says: "I'll be finding out what it's like to work all the hours god sends!"

Jesse Mulligan will host Seven Sharp this year alongside Toni Street and Mike Hosking.
Jesse Mulligan will host Seven Sharp this year alongside Toni Street and Mike Hosking.

And Toni Street is also optimistic about the new role: "The team has lots of fresh ideas for the 2014 show, I can't wait to start."

With the clock ticking, TVNZ is hoping for a soft launch and understanding viewers. News in brief Ex-TVNZ star Ali Mau started at RadioLive this week and a company rep said she's learning the radio ropes before making her debut alongside Willie Jackson. Expect it sometime next month. Mau, who is engaged to girlfriend Karleen Edmonds, will host the black-tie Auckland Pride Gala at Q Theatre on February 7 to kick off the Auckland Pride Festival.

• Who will host TV3's The Nation? Rachel Smalley has skedaddled to Newstalk ZB. Guyon Espiner is moving to Radio New Zealand. Duncan Garner says he's too occupied with RadioLive and 3rd Degree. Mike McRoberts, whose embedded reports from warzones have largely dried up, could be keen. He presents world-headline show Three60 and could add to his weekend repertoire. News boss Mark Jennings says no decision has been made. The political show, produced by Tim Watkin within TV3 is a vital voice for the network in election year. It needs political clout behind the desk. The network's savvy political reporting team, led by Patrick Gower, have little experience in hosting TV programmes. Lawyer and broadcaster Linda Clark, the only casualty from The Vote, should be lured back. But with twin boys and a day-job, it's unlikely she'll acquiesce.

• Kim Dotcom turned 40 yesterday and all he got was a cancelled party and a publicity blitz tour around radio stations. This week, the Teutonic web tycoon plugged Good Times, his new dance album which, ironically, can be downloaded free. Dotcom told Marcus Lush on Monday he enjoys performing live. "Do you stage dive?" Lushie quizzed. Nein, said the man dubbed the Sumo of Coatesville. "Um, I think that would cause some injuries."