EA has publicly responded to two class action lawsuits against it that claim the publisher misled investors regarding the quality and sales potential of Battlefield 4, saying both are "meritless".

A statement issued to Game Informer reads: "We believe these claims are meritless. We intend to aggressively defend ourselves, and we're confident the court will dismiss the complaint in due course."

Yesterday law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, filed a suit alleging that EA violated the Securities Exchange Act and issued "materially false and misleading statements highlighting the purported strength of the Company's rollout of version 4 of its all-important Battlefield videogame series".

It claims that between July 24 and December 4, 2013, EA stock rose on the back of these statements, reaching a high of $28.13 per share on August 23, and this allowed "certain of Electronic Arts' senior executives to sell their Electronic Arts stock at artificially inflated prices".


EA DICE has halted development on all Battlefield 4 expansions until the core game is up to scratch.

It has also suspended work on Battlefront 3.

- Gameplanet.co.nz