The local feature film industry may be worried about its immediate future but it's still celebrating its recent past with the return for a second year of the New Zealand Film Awards - or Moas.

The nominations for this year's awards, sponsored by Rialto Channel and to be presented on December 10, are revealed below.

The leading contenders among the feature film categories are Shopping and Mr. Pip which are tied with 13 nominations each.

The presence of Andrew Adamson's Mr. Pip brings some heavy-hitters to the nominee list including himself in the best director category, English star Hugh Laurie up for best actor and Lord of the Rings Oscar winners Grant Major and Ngila Dickson in production and costume design respectively.


But the acting categories are mainly dominated by feature first-timers and young actors. And that includes singing star Stan Walker for his big screen debut in Mt Zion, one of nine nominations for the film including Temuera Morrison for best supporting actor.

The awards, produced by Hugh Sundae of and Ant Timpson, are being judged by an overseas panel. The Auckland event will be streamed live on on Tuesday December 10, and then screened on Rialto Channel on Sunday September 15.

The nominations are:

Rialto Channel Best Film
The Weight of Elephants - Katja Adomeit and Leanne Saunders

Shopping - Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw

Mt Zion - Quinton Hita

Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson, Robin Scholes

Fantail - Sarah Cook, Matt Noonan

Flying Fish Best Director
The Weight of Elephants - Daniel Borgman
Shopping - Louis Sutherland and Mark Albiston
Mt Zion - Tearepa Kahi
Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson
Fantail - Curtis Vowell

Villa Maria Best Actor
The Weight of Elephants - Demos Murphy

Shopping - Kevin Paulo
Mt Zion - Stan Walker
Mr. Pip - Hugh Laurie
Fantail - Jahalis Ngamotu

Villa Maria Best Actress
White Lies - Whirimako Black
The Weight of Elephants- Angelina Cottrell

Mt Zion - Miriama Smith


Mr. Pip - Xzannjah
Fantail - Sophie Henderson
Mili Pictures Best Supporting Actor
The Weight of Elephants - Matthew Sunderland

Shopping - Julian Denison

Mt Zion - Temuera Morrison

Mr. Pip - Eka Darvile

Fantail - Stephen Lovatt

Mili Pictures Best Supporting Actress
White Lies - Antonia Prebble
The Weight Of Elephants - Catherine Wilkin

Shopping - Laura Peterson

Mr. Pip - Healesville Joel

Eternity - Amy Usherwood

Apex Insurance Best Screenplay
White Lies - Dana Rotberg

The Weight Of Elephants - Daniel Borgman

Shopping - Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland

Mr. Pip - Andrew Adamson

Fantail - Sophie Henderson

Nikon Best Self-Funded Film
Crackheads - Tim Tsiklauri and Andy Sophocleous

Eternity - Alex Galvin, Noel Galvin, Eric Stark

Ghost TV - Phil Davison

The Deadly Ponies Gang - Zoe McIntosh

The Death and Resurrection Show - Shaun Pettigrew

Niche Cameras Best Cinematography
Shopping - Ginny Loane

The Weight of Elephants - Sophia Olsson

Mr. Pip - John Toon

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Tim Flower

White Lies - Alun Bollinger

Mandy Best Editor
Mr. Pip - Sim Evan-Jones

Mt Zion - Paul Maxwell

Shopping - Annie Collins

The Weight of Elephants - Molly Marlene Stensgaard

White Lies - Paul Sutorius

APRA Best Score
Fantail - Mahuia Bridgman Cooper

Mr. Pip - Harry Gregson-Williams, Tim Finn

Mt Zion - Shane McLean

Shopping - Grayson Gilmour

White Lies - John Psathas

APRA Best Sound
Fantail - Dick Reade

Fresh Meat - Mike Hopkins, John McKay, Michael Hedges, Tim Chaproniere and Tony Spear

Mt Zion - Dick Reade

Shopping - Michael Hopkins, Ken Saville, John Mckay,Tim Chaproniere, Pete Smith

White Lies - Steve Finnigan, James Hayday and Chris Sinclair

Rodney Wayne Best Costume Design
Mr. Pip - Ngila Dickson

Mt Zion - Gavin McLean

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Morgan Albrecht

Shopping - Lucy McLay

White Lies - Tracey Collins

M.A.C Best Makeup Design Hair and Makeup
Crackheads - Celeste Strewe

Fresh Meat - Hil Cook, Ange Duncan, Lea Hoare and Natalie Henderson

Giselle - Amber D

White Lies - Abby Collins, Yolanda Bartram, Vee Gulliver, Andrew Beattie and Main Reactor

Regional Film Offices NZ Best Production Design
Mr. Pip - Grant Major

Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song - Haley Williams

Shopping - Josh O'Neill

The Weight of Elephants - Kirsty Cameron

White Lies - Tracey Collins

Letterboxd Best Poster Design
Eternity - Tony St George and Mission Hill

Mr. Pip - Connor Kenyon Design

Shopping - Geoff Francis

The Weight of Elephants - Asmund Sollihogda

White Lies - Damon Keen, Jae Frew and Matt Klitscher

AUT Best Short Film
Friday Tigers - Aidee Walker
Here Be Monsters - dir. Paul Glubb and Nic Gorman; prod. Nadia Maxwell

Morepork - Fat Boy Films

Tom's Dairy - Oscar Kightley

Wide Eyed - Catherine Bisley

Event Cinemas Best Self-Funded Short Film
Holding The Sun - Dwayne Cameron

Le Taxidermiste - Nick Mayow & Prisca Bouchet

Morepork - Fat Boy Films

Shelved - James Cunningham, Oliver Hilbert and Leon Woud

The Sleeping Plot - Ruth Korver

Allpress Best Short Film Actor
Blankets - Leon Wadham

Friday Tigers - Simon Wolfgram

Morepork - John Sumner

Strongman - Tony Green

Tom's Dairy - Mac Kaisuva

Allpress Best Short Film Actress
Blind Mice - Rachel Nicholls

Friday Tigers - Aidee Walker

I'm Going to Mum's - Narelle Ahrens

Morepork - Kayte Ferguson

The Sleeping Plot - Nova Waretini-Hewison

PLS Best Cinematography in a Short Film
Echoes - Andrew Stroud

Friday Tigers - Roko Babich

Morepork - Callan Green

Tom's Dairy - Grant McKinnon

Wide Eyed - Ryan Alexander Lloyd

NZ Herald Online Best Short Film Screenplay
Echoes - Campbell Hooper & Joel Kefali

Friday Tigers - Aidee Walker

I'm Going to Mum's - Lauren Jackson

Tom's Dairy - Oscar Kightley

Wide Eyed - Catherine Bisley

Media Design School Best Technical Contribution to a Short Film
Strongman - Editing, Peter Roberts

The Last Stop - Makeup and hair, Brighde Riddell

Holding The Sun - Production design, Dwayne Cameron

Blankets - Visual effects, Frank Rueter, David Duke and Bodo Keller

Maul - Visual effects, Anton Ognyev

Telecom Business Hubs Best Documentary
Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Matthew Metcalfe

Finding Mercy - Robyn Paterson, Leanne Pooley

Gardening with Soul - Vicky Pope and Jess Feast

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and Kay Ellmers

Canon Best Documentary Director
Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Leanne Pooley

Finding Mercy - Robyn Paterson

Gardening with Soul - Jess Feast

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and Kay Ellmers

PLS Best Documentary Cinematography
Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Anthony Powell

Beyond The Edge - Richard Bluck

Finding Mercy - Jacob Bryant, Marty Williams

Gardening with Soul - Ari Wegner, Gareth Moon and Hamish Waterhouse

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Jake Bryant

Lotech Best Documentary Editor
Antarctica: A Year On Ice - Simon Price

Beyond The Edge - Tim Woodhouse

Finding Mercy - Tim Woodhouse

Gardening with Soul - Annie Collins

He Toki Huna: NZ in Afghanistan - Annie Goldson and James Brown

NZ On Air Best Television Feature or Drama Series
The Almighty Johnsons Series 3
The Blue Rose
Top of the Lake