TV blogger Paul Casserly picks six of the best shows to watch in the week ahead.



(Prime, 7.30pm) Men of a certain age are suckers for this stuff to go along with the non-fiction on the bed-side table. This doco looks at Bill Tutte, an unsung hero among code breakers who managed to crack his way into Hitler's personal hotline. Kind of like a

News of The World


journo without the evil intent.

Wedding Crashers (TV2, 8.30pm) You want some good dumb fun? You got it. The 2005 comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn is just that, they've never been better actually, although Will Ferrell almost steals the show with an inspired cameo. If you haven't seen it you are in for a treat.

The Incredible Mr Goodwin. (TV1 7.30pm) Thank the Christ that Dynamo has disappeared - his best trick yet. Goodwin, an escapologist and stunt man, may use the same shtick - tricks enhanced by people's genuine reactions - but he has yet to milk his act so much it turns into butter. Christchurchers may recall their own version, The Great Randini, who escaped from a straitjacket hung from a crane in Hagley Park back in the 1980s.

Killing Kennedy (National Geographic, 7.30pm) Rob Lowe, hot from stealing the show in Behind the Candelabra, plays JFK, in this "International TV event". Based on the book by red-neck motor mouth Bill O'Reilly, who also wrote Nat Geo's rather good Killing Lincoln. I bet Bill can't wait for someone to knock off Obama.

Wild Planet: North America. (TV1, 8.30pm) Always hard to beat Attenborough at this game but this series has been a goody. It also helps that it was helmed by the former head of BBC's Natural History Unit. The voice-over from Mr Movember himself (Tom Selleck) brings to mind those old live action Disney films that featured animals on the run from bad people. This end-of-series episode shows how the camera people did what they did, which unlike those Disney movies, doesn't involve killing the poor beasts. Here's one of my faves - a fox that dives into the snow.

Embarrassing Bodies (TV2, 8.30pm) The listing says: "Tonight Dr Pixie chats to a woman who is concerned about her double nipples." But you know the drill, within a few minutes you'll be hiding behind the sofa as she looks up the arse of a saggy bottomed old man with boils. As interactive TV goes this has to be the best, it always has me screaming with delighted disgust.