Lorde has blasted the shock tactics of her fellow pop stars as a strategy that may end with artists having sex on stage at the Grammys.

The 16-year-old singer has found fame around the world thanks to her track Royals, which speaks about the disconnect between the lavish lifestyles many musicians talk up and her everyday life growing up in Devonport.

She has also joined a growing number of artists who are tired of seeing shock tactics in the industry. Lady Gaga recently stripped naked at a show and Miley Cyrus is renowned for her sexy twerking, but Lorde thinks things have gone too far.

"I'm a feminist so certain things about pop music I find frustrating. I think pop is scarily powerful. There are a lot of shock tactics these days: people trying to outdo each other, which will probably culminate in two people f***ing on stage at the Grammys," she told Q magazine.


"I try to keep my blinkers on and focus on making music."

Lorde has a high-profile fan in the shape of US rapper Kanye West, who told her how much he admired her lyrics when he saw her at a TV show. She responded by saying they were the "exact opposite" of many of his messages.

She isn't always so outspoken though, admitting she often considers things for far too long before offering an opinion.

"I think way too hard about everything. So I'm at a party but I'm thinking about what it means to be at a party," she said.

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