An Australian pop star says she's proud of a raunchy video clip in which she's seen riding a horse naked and frolicking with topless women - despite garnering criticism from some fans on social media.

Ricki-Lee has gained mixed reactions from fans after releasing the video for her song, Come & Get In Trouble With Me on Tuesday.

In the clip, the 27-year-old is seen riding a horse naked, dancing with topless women and in one scene, writhing suggestively while covered in only gold body paint.

The former Australian idol contestant said she was proud of the video, which she co-directed with director Marc Furmey.


"I'm so proud of it, it's my favourite video I've ever shot!" she wrote on her blog on Monday.

She said the clip was inspired by the 70s disco scene and popular nightclub Studio 54, where rules and inhibitions were "left at the door''.

"I wanted to overload people's senses ... and I wanted to create a sense of opulence and debauchery, the party that everyone wanted to be at.''

However, not all were welcoming of the video.

Some criticised Ricki-Lee for allegedly being a bad role model for teenage girls.

"Well certainly won't be letting my daughter watch that! Shame as she likes Ricky's music, but no to that!'' wrote one fan on Twitter on Tuesday.

"She looked beautiful before, what has she done to herself!'' tweeted another.

"Made me think of Miley (Cyrus) and her last video. Would prefer to see less skin and more talent, not sure why artists are going down this track?'' wrote one fan on Facebook.

"I love that you are confident Ricki, but this is a bit much for some if (sic) your younger fans, I loved how you always promoted yourself with style and grace. Sorry not a fan if this video clip," another Facebook fan wrote.

Most of the feedback from fans was positive, with some comparing it to Robin Thicke's popular nude video for his track, Blurred Lines.

"Holy Crap sticks - 10x better than Blurred Lines!" wrote a fan on Facebook.

Like Ricki-Lee's clip, Thicke's Blurred Lines video has courted controversy for featuring topless women and "offensive" lyrics.

* Watch the video here (warning: explicit content).