Luatua's former flatmate takes online dig after spotting pop pose.

All Black Steven Luatua tweeted superstar Justin Timberlake on Monday congratulating him on his MTV Video Music Awards performance, but the 22-year-old flanker was called out by Silver Fern Kayla Cullen for his own musical routine at the Bledisloe Cup match on Saturday.

"All the single ladies put your hands up," the 21-year-old netballer teased Luatua on Twitter, comparing his hand gesture during the haka to superstar Beyonce on her Single Ladies video, about holding your engagement talon high in the air.

Was the All Black busting a Beyonce move?

Cullen, who returned from the World Youth Netball Championships in Glasgow last week with a knee injury, told The Diary she made the picture and posted the tweet "because he so looked like he was pulling a Beyonce".


She felt it only right to rib him. "Steven used to be my flatmate. He's like my brother."

The rugby star with the heart-throb hair didn't respond to the Silver Fern and Mystics player online. She tried to bait him again, but nothing. Even a call to his rep failed to incite a droll retort to The Diary.

Her post was retweeted 45 times. In the battle of the codes and war of wits, netball was clearly the winner.

But you get the feeling this was a fight Luatua didn't mind losing. Teasing and taunting is part of their friendship.

Cullen's Tumblr page, with its bikini-clad mannequins and derriere snaps, shows the glamorous young athlete is very fashion-forward. We wondered what she makes of Luatua's lengthy locks. Those tresses are made for a Pantene endorsement - or a Disney prince.

For now, though, it's Luatua's haka hand-flick that's the move du jour. Fuggedabout twerking and Miley Cyrus.
Dotcom oversteps mark
Kim Dotcom crossed a red line on Monday and Twitter went into overdrive. The Teutonic tubby, who is fighting extradition, was hounded with tweets labelling him "creepy". He became public enemy number one. It was the biggest manhunt since Charlotte Dawson went online dating.

The tables turned on the self-serving internet freedom fighter when he picked on the Prime Minister's 20-year-old daughter, Stephanie, in a deliberate attempt to push his agenda and score political points against her dad.

Dotcom posted several capitalising tweets about her nude self-portraits. But an injudicious one about the cop raid on his house that tastelessly exploited an image of the young artist, topless with a gun, scored the wrath of followers. Dotcom had gone too far, they said. He quickly whipped it off, but the backlash had begun.

Last year, Dotcom used Twitter to foster his cause and a fledgling pop career, but drew indignation after posting a wildly inappropriate joke about rape. He yanked it down faster than you could scream, "raid".


Three-way Labour race begins
Applications for the Labour leadership nomination have closed. The lights have gone up. The stage is set. The votes are to be cast. This is your Political Idol. So far, there's no lack of hubris among the runners.

Shane Jones, remember him? Paid for hotel porn movies on his Crown credit card? He's making a comeback and wants the top job.

Grant Robertson is running, too, and making headlines for his sexual orientation. He is getting credit for being an articulate, sharp-witted, gay MP. Robertson says his private life is not of interest; New Zealanders will look past it. He's happy, however, to peddle his pastime of playing rugby.

David Cunliffe announced His ticket with His slogan while wearing His ceremonial leis at His electorate office under a portrait of Himself.

Critics say he is too Me, Me, Me. So blinkered, evidently, he obliviously posted His candidacy message on Facebook and duplicated the same template as rival Robertson. Oops. Witi Ihimaera may call that flattery, but voters will call that a turn off.

The new Labour leader is expected to be announced on September 15, in which we hope a thick waft of white smoke will declare there's a winner.
Guy family bursts into print
Bryan and Joanne Guy, the parents of murdered Feilding farmer Scott Guy, are releasing a book in October about their son's murder and the high-profile court trial. It's based on a diary written by Joanne, TVNZ reports. Meanwhile, their 32-year-old daughter Anna is being paid for tell-all stories in a tabloid magazine and on a current affairs TV show. Most recently, on her teenage weight woes. TV3 won't disclose how much they're forking out.
Lorde offered a UK bed
British novelist Neil Gaiman and Times columnist Caitlin Moran are the latest to join the Lorde fan club ... with the offer of lodging. "If you ever come to the UK, you can stay at my house, love," Moran tweeted the 16-year-old Takapuna student yesterday, to the envy of covetous couch surfers around the world.