The Diary asked some well-known Kiwi women to share their thoughts about the male of the species

Hilary Barry, 3 News anchor

They're very handy at packing the dishwasher and reversing a trailer, but hopeless at finding things. Most conversations in our household (from both the young and slightly older) start with, "have you seen ... ?" If GPS technology was cheaper, I'd be sticking tracker devices in their shoes, keys and glasses.

Judith Collins, MP

I'm still trying to understand men. They have feelings, can be easily hurt and are excellent at opening jam jars. And they often underestimate women at their peril.


Sara Wiseman, actor

I love men. The non-ignorant, open-minded ones. I'm lucky to have lots of men-friends and they are incredible beings. That being said, they can never be one of my girls. Maybe two or three can.

Stacey Morrison, Classic Hits host

Men. They don't seem to think four Rambo films was three too many. Watching a man become a great father to his children is beautiful beyond words.

Leah Panapa, The Rock FM host

Men aren't complex creatures. I think women can over-think what goes on in a man's mind. If they aren't talking, it's because they really have nothing to say - simple. If they are players, you're never going to change them. And if they don't respect you, get out of there. But a good man is worth his weight in gold.

Sara Tetro, 62 Models director

Men can multi-task. The fact that they say they can't is simply clever PR. They perpetuated the myth to get out of passing the remote control while they are on the phone.


Urzila Carlson, comedian

What do I know about men? A lot. I've met heaps of them before. Some of my best friends are men. They like rugby, they stand and pee and their farts almost always smell much worse than slow decomposing road kill.

Most men would rather give themselves a paper cut in the eye on purpose than admit they are struggling to open a jam jar. I occasionally listen to straight girls and I believe it is very difficult to find a good man. Apparently all the good men are either gay or married. Straight girls need to check themselves!

Denise L'Estrange-Corbet, World director

The only men worth having around are the ones that come with a low-slung tool belt attached to their hips, are easy on the eye, and have a fully charged battery on hand for the cordless drill so I can get all those pesky little jobs done around the house.

Otherwise, what use are they?

I earn my own money, and do all the things they seem utterly incapable of achieving, like manoeuvring a vacuum, scrubbing a toilet and making a plate of crudités.

I can use a drill, but I like a man to do those things so I can at least feel that I am in control, which I am. So, what do I know about men: women can achieve more, in less time, with less fuss!

Kate Elliot, actor

I pick Woody over Buzz any day.

Annabel Fay, singer/songwriter

What do I know about men? Anyone who is covered in tattoos or has the balls to strike up a random conversation with me could grab my interest.

Melodie Robinson, Sky Sports presenter

Here's what I know about men:

1. They never look at maps and never look at instruction manuals.

2. They do first and complain later.

3. Kiwi blokes are definitely easier to be in a relationship with than men from other cultures. They're used to strong women, thanks to their mums.

4. The best place to meet a Kiwi bloke is a sports club, golf club, rugby club, any sports club - hardly any ladies and plenty of blokes.

5. Never trust a man with two SIM cards.

Karyn Hay, RadioLive broadcaster

Women are XX, and men are XY, but whether it's a kiss or a chromosome they need I can't tell.