A hit radio single, a No 1 EP and enough blog hype to spark several careers - the past six months would be huge for any artist, let alone a North Shore 16-year-old.

Unmasked earlier this month, Lorde is actually Ella Yelich-O'Connor, a high school student already beloved by the likes of influential overseas people like Perez Hilton and Grimes.

With her micro-managed mystery unveiling, you could call her a record label creation, or a one-hit wonder thanks to her inescapable-yet-still-thrilling mainstream pop hit Royals.

But everything about Lorde's five-track debut EP oozes class. She writes and sings all her own songs, giving knowing nods to everyone from fellow Kiwi Kimbra to pop superstar Beyonce and future-gazing R&B singer The Weeknd.


Her stunning voice seems to come from someone twice her age. And as good as Royals is, it's not even the best track here. That honour could either go to the darkened chamber pop of Bravado, or the supercharged sure-to-be-a-live-fave stomp of Million Dollar Bills.

Add in the naive musings and cruisy canter of the title track and the futuristic war drum thump of Biting Down, and you can't help but feel that The Love Club is the start of something very special indeed.

Stars: 5/5
Verdict: Young local singer comes fully formed

- TimeOut