Controversial broadcaster Paul Henry is not the only member of his family with stars in his eyes. The bright lights of showbusiness beckon for his teenage daughter Bella, who has applied for a role on Australian reality TV show Beauty and the Geek.

The popular Channel Seven programme is a part of the international franchise co-created by Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher and screens on TV3.

"Bella was screen-tested for the show and it's very likely that she'll be on it," MediaWorks TV chief executive Paul Maher told The Diary.

Meanwhile, Henry is itching to get back on our screens. A Twitter account, believed to be Henry's, says "something big is on the horizon" for June.


Maher said: "We're still working through with him what he can do with us and we are not in a place to talk about a new show. As far as I know, he's still on holiday overseas."

The Diary could not locate Henry, who is understood to be in Las Vegas.

Well-informed insiders at TV3 say plans for an eponymous television show have been loosely discussed but more work is needed.

The show, The Diary understands, would fall under the direction of Mark Jennings, director of news. However, a suggestion that Henry may replace John Campbell in the primetime 7pm timeslot has been scotched by some who say Henry does not want to work five nights a week.

However, he managed five mornings easily enough for years. Henry made no secret of his ambition for Mark Sainsbury's chair on Close Up. But he turned down the gig at Seven Sharp and returned to MediaWorks after the demise of his Network Ten breakfast show.

Insiders don't deny Henry is likely to be a ratings success for TV3. But it's improbable the network would dump John Campbell, who has made some headway in the ratings war. How to utilise two hard-hitting broadcasters is the question.

Fame lost on cameraman

The Aussies said good riddance, but the stars of Top Gear had a lukewarm welcome to New Zealand on Monday when they arrived from Sydney.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May piled into a helicopter, lifejackets on, and jetted straight to their digs in Northland. However, a clueless television cameraman tasked with filming their arrival, was overheard asking: "so who's the messy-haired guy, then?"

Waiting paparazzi were eager to snap Clarkson with his former girlfriend, beautician Phillipa Sage, but the blonde was absent. The pair had earlier made waves across the ditch when they dined at Otto restaurant; paparazzi tailing.

Clarkson ludicrously lashed out: "You can take them out of England but you can't take the convict out of them."

Evidently you can't take the lout out of Top Gear, which was filming a "supersonic" car chase along Ninety Mile Beach yesterday. Kim Dotcom, not one to miss a self-promotional opportunity, took to Twitter to suggest a race.

Fay sings right tune

Singer/songwriter Annabel Fay released her new single, Warrior, on Monday; incidentally the same day Eric Watson opened a new $1 million state-of-the-art gym at Warriors HQ.

The co-owner of the Warriors, who was flying solo without Owen Glenn, showcased the team's new high performance facilities at Mt Smart Stadium, which includes an altitude training room, a $140,000 treadmill and a space named after league legend Stacey Jones.

The gym has had a complete refit. All the old training gear and equipment was stripped out and donated to clubs around Auckland.

So, how will the boys fare in their first home game of the season against Sonny Bill Williams' Roosters on Saturday? They might have heiress Fay on hand to send them into battle.

Reps for the team told The Diary they would like to talk to the musician's manager about the songbird singing her aptly named single at the match.

Ellis laid up

More FM star Marc Ellis is recovering from knee reconstruction surgery and he's having no trouble taking it easy.

"Basically I'm in a La-Z-Boy," he chortled. Armed with a bell and with a very patient wife and co-workers, Ellis moaned the only quandary was laying off the booze.

"I've been lying in bed, ringing the ding-a-ling [bell] and watching everyone move back into the house around me," he said about the recent house renovations that have kept wife Agustina busy.

Judges take a breather

The stars of X Factor are on hiatus before boot camp gets under way next week. Stan Walker has been in Sydney plugging his new movie with Temuera Morrison; Daniel Bedingfield hightailed it to Los Angeles for a work project; and Mel Blatt has been holidaying around the country with her daughter Lily, a Lord of The Rings fan.

First stop: Hobbiton. But that's unlikely to find the former British pop star a man. She says she's keen for a new boyfriend and Kiwi blokes need apply.

Hobbit star keeps cash close

He may be the star of the blockbuster Hobbit trilogy, but British actor Martin Freeman is evidently not using his fortune - said to be more than £10 million ($18 million) - to come to the financial aid of his longtime partner.

Actress Amanda Abbington has been declared bankrupt, owing the British tax office £120,000, according to the Sun.

The couple, both 41, live in a £900,000 estate in Hertfordshire with their two small children, Joe, 6, and Grace, 4.

For Freeman, who plays Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's films, this financial setback will be an unexpected journey.