Kate Winslet and Peter Jackson have been spotted out shopping in Masterton.

The Hollywood A-lister, her new husband Ned Rocknroll, Jackson and his daughter Katie were snapped by Fairfax Media on Queen St over the weekend

Locals reportedly did not recognise the 37-year-old actress, whose movie credits include Titanic, The Reader and Revolutionary Road.

She was seen leaving women's clothing Pagani with a white shopping bag.


Shop assistant India Kawana told Fairfax she did recognise Winslet when she walked into the store but thought: "No way, it can't be - this is Masterton".

Jackson owns a multi-million dollar mansion near Masterton.

Winslet had her first starring role in the director's 1994 feature Heavenly Creatures.

It was not clear whether she and her husband were in town on holiday or for business.

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