Destiny's Child have made a surprise comeback during Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show.

The singer's former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams sprang from beneath the stage to launch into the group's hit song Bootylicious.

The reunion came after Beyonce emerged onstage singing some of Love on Top, transitioning to her hit Crazy In Love in an all-black ensemble.

She ripped off part of her shirt and skirt as she danced in sync with background dancers.


Her Destiny's Child band mates joined her for Bootylicious and Independent Woman, though Rowland and Williams were barely heard.

They also jumped in for some of Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), where Beyonce's voice got better.

She sounded best on Halo, which she belted on a bended knee.

While it has been speculated Beyonce would be joined by her Destiny's Child bandmates, the singer refused to give away any details at a pre-match press conference.

"I can't give away any details but I will say there is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have, it's always a pleasure to be around them personally and professionally," she said.

- Herald Online and AP