Will Smith's latest alien instalment Men In Black III has been named the most error-ridden movie of 2012.

Editors at MovieMistakes.com have compiled their annual list of the year's most blunder-riddled films and Men in Black III blasted into the top spot with 63 goofs, more than twice as many as second placed Skyfall, which has 26.

MIB III's errors include a plot hole caused by its time travel theme.

In the first Men In Black film Agent J's birth date is given as 1975, but in MIB III he appears as a primary school age child despite the film being set in 1969.


Jon Sandys, who runs the website, was surprised by how many bloopers were spotted in Men in Black III, saying, "Every movie has its share of mistakes, but 63 is unusually high so soon after it was released."

Andrew Garfield's superhero debut in The Amazing Spider-Man swung into third place with 24 mistakes, and action-packed movie The Avengers is fourth with 22.

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Looper rounds out the top five with 14 blunders, including a discrepancy between the two actors who play the same man decades apart - young Joe is right-handed but old Joe is a leftie.

The worst movie mistakes of 2012 (via Moviemistakes)
1. Looper: Young Joe was right-handed. (He shot people with his right hand) but older Joe was left-handed.
2. The Dictator: When Aladeen tries to jump the fence of the UN, a hearing device is seen in actor Sacha Baron Cohen's ear.
3. Argo: Ben Affleck is supposedly in 1980, but wearing a Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller, which wasn't released until 2008.
4. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Manny refers to the pirate rabbit as the Easter Bunny, even though Easter never existed in prehistoric times.
5. Skyfall: In the scene where M is asked to retire from MI6, she puts down her glass and gets up to leave. She picks up her coat but leaves her bag on the floor. In the next shot, the bag is no longer there.

The most mistake-ridden movies of 2012
1. Men in Black III, 63
2. Skyfall, 26
3. The Amazing Spider-Man, 24
4. The Avengers, 22
5. Looper, 14
6. The Dark Knight Rises, 13
7. Prometheus, 13
8. Argo, 13
9. The Hunger Games, 12
10. Underworld: Awakening, 10