Tamati Coffey had his last day as weather presenter on TVNZ's Breakfast this morning.

The star was given the floor to say goodbye during the last minute of the show.

He thanked all the people he had met in his years delivering weather reports along with his fellow presenters.

"It seriously is the best job with the worst possible hours."


Antony Stevens, the executive producer for Breakfast, said it was sad to say goodbye to the star.

"The amount of feedback we got from viewers today about Tamati was phenomenal. It seems New Zealanders feel the same way about Tamati as we do, and that's what makes him so unique: his personality and warmth aren't in any way dulled by airwaves. We're looking forward to seeing him again soon."

Coffey regularly branched out from his role on Breakfast, most recently taking the presenter's job on New Zealand's Got Talent.

He earlier said he would be back to present the popular show "if all goes well".

"Don't be sad, be bloody excited for me," he tweeted.

Coffey was among several well-known New Zealanders to appear in a recent viral video in support of the Marriage Amendment Bill legalising gay marriage.

He got his start in TV on What Now before going on to Breakfast and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Saturday Breakfast presenter Sam Wallace is taking over Coffey's weather role on Breakfast.