TimeOut has gathered together a selection of domestic touring stars and some intriguing imports to help whip up a bit of enthusiasm for this season of high decibels in high temperatures. Here is Shihad's Jon Toogood with his summer picks and tour plans...

Your preferred mode of travel for the summer tour?

Donkey. But if that's not available then the touring band vehicle of choice, of course - the Toyota Previa.

Who does the driving - and what does it say about the internal politics of the band?
Phil Knight mainly. This is because a) He doesn't drink but mostly because b) both Tom and I were the only licensed drivers in Shihad for years and therefore did all the driving so Phil's sort of paying us back.

What's on the car stereo?
Late 80s metal, 90s indie tracks, electronic music and the new Deftones album.


Your favourite summer venue?
All of them.

Where else are you looking forward to visiting which isn't a venue?
Mum's house.

Any sage advice about surviving the silly season?
Don't drink and drive.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Play a kick-ass show in Riwaka then hang out with people I love in a beautiful part of the country.

Do certain styles of music make more sense during the hot and sweaty months of summer?
Yes. I find that good music tends to be better than bad when it's hot.

Is it tough having to work when everyone else is partying and on holiday?
I love my job, so no worries there.

On tour: With I Am Giant and King Cannons. Brewers in the Park, Mt Maunganui, Dec 29; Butlers Reef, Oakura, Jan 2; Mangawhai Tavern, Jan 3; Matakana Country Park, Jan 5 (with Six60 and David Dallas)

- TimeOut