Their Twitter beef was brief and the resolution swift, but I doubt Calvin Harris will make Lady Gaga's Christmas card list.

Gaga and the 28-year-old Scottish DJ/producer had a tiff on the social networking site yesterday, after Harris claimed in an interview that he had turned down the chance to work with the pop songbird.

In an interview to promote his new album 18 Months, Harris, who counts Rihanna, Florence Welch and Ne-Yo among his collaborators, told BBC Breakfast he declined a 2008 opportunity to work with Gaga - because he was busy and "didn't really like the songs" he was sent.

"But you turned down Lady Gaga, didn't you?" asked the presenter during the confab.


"I was busy, though," replied Harris.

"Too busy for Lady Gaga?" chirped the presenter.

"You got to pick people whose songs or voice that you like," Harris said. "And at that stage, it was before she was very big. They sent me some songs and I didn't really like the songs, and that's ok."

He added: "They didn't send me any of the big songs, they were like 'Can you work on all these album tracks, please?' It's just one of those things."

Check out the interview here.


Gaga soon caught wind of Harris's comments, and took to Twitter to tackle his version of events.

"Seems to be trendy lately to talk shit about 'lady gaga' when your albums/singles drop. Y'all should live off your own hustle. #Ido," she wrote.

She followed that up with, "never even emailed you @calvinharris I guess it's hard to believe I write + produce my music. cuz I'm a woman I don't know about EDM right?"

That's Electronic Dance Music to the uninitiated.

Harris responded: "No, your label emailed me. I always make sure I say I'm a fan when asked about it, I apologise if I offended u, wasn't the intention."

To which Mother Monster replied: "@CalvinHarris thanks for the apology &explaining. My apologies too. Congratulations on your album. Wish you well. Cheers."

Added Harris: "@ladygaga thank u I mean no harm. Looking forward to hearing your work with @zedd I love him!!"

Albeit fleeting, the exchange was enough for Harris to draw the ire of Gaga's Little Monsters.

"Jeez you turn down one remix in 2008 and next thing the whole world's on your back," Harris later wrote, adding,"The illuminati's after me lol. Never mind I'll just keep making tracks."


While a collab between the pair might not be on the cards anytime soon, Gaga does look set to re-team with legendary crooner Tony Bennett.

Bennett, who worked with Gaga on their 2011 cover of The Lady Is A Tramp, told Rolling Stone last month that the pair are heading back to the studio to work on a full-length jazz album together.

"Of all things, she called me from New Zealand and said, 'I want to do a jazz album with you,'" Bennett revealed. "And I said, 'You got it!' So that's one of the things we're gonna do.

"We're gonna do a jazz album with Marion Evans, a big swing band, and I'm looking forward to it because a lot of people don't know it, but she's a phenomenal jazz singer."

Though Bennett said that the song list is under wraps, he dished that the album would feature a catalogue of songs written by an as-yet-unnamed composer.

"I can't mention the composer because I don't want anybody to do it before we do it, but there's a great composer that's very underrated, very famous, but not as famous as Gershwin or Porter. But he did as many hit songs as anybody, and so we're gonna do a big swinging album."

Bennett concluded that he and Gaga will head to the recording studio "as soon as I can".

Asked whether they'll be performing together at some stage, he replied: "Let's see what happens. She's a good friend and I respect that she's so creative, that every day she changes, she has so many ideas and carries them out. She just never stops with it. I call her the musical Picasso. Her energy is just phenomenal."

Gaga's next album, ARTPOP, is set for release in early 2013.


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