This album marks Kylie's 25th year in the music business.

It's made up of 16 tracks that have been "reinvented" and recorded with a full orchestra at London's famous Abbey Road Studios. So it sounds stunning, yet the pristine recording and arrangements make her pop songs sound more middle of the road than ever.

Two of her early breakthrough hits get reworkings here, with Locomotion's playful essence retained on a cute and rockin' rendition that's a fitting nod to the original early 60s version by Little Eva. But the arty show tune version of I Should Be So Lucky will send you screaming for your old cassette tape.

Two other highlights include On A Night Like This, which is transformed from a swirling, late night club pop tune, to a sweeping and grand serenade, and the beautiful Nick Cave duet, Where the Wild Roses Grow, is stripped back even more than the haunting and spare original.


Meanwhile, a minor crime against music is committed on Can't Get You Out of the My Head - one of the 2000s most sexy, saucy songs - which is driven by weird, frenzied strings rather than a banging beat.

Still, the hit-and-miss quality of the album doesn't matter one bit for the simple reason this is one for the fans - who will no doubt absolutely adore it, darling.

Stars: 3.5/5

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- TimeOut