It's been the unexpected hit of the year.

College bands have copied it, newly weds have woven it into their celebrations - and now everyone's favourite prison dance troupe have adopted South Korean rapper Psy's Gangnam Style.

The inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines are famous for performing an epic Michael Jackson Thriller performance in 2007, which now has over 50 million views.

And now the world renowned dancing inmates are back with their Gangnam Style performance that has instantly gone viral.


Even though it was pouring rain, the large group danced to Psy's hit single that has taken the world by storm for visitors to the prison.

Hundreds of the prisoners performed the routine, thrusting, waving and jerkily popping their limbs to the catchy tune, clad in their bright red uniforms.

The inmates - of which nearly 1,000 participated - join a host of groups eager to parody the crazy choreography which includes the iconic horse-riding dance move.

Sadly, their wardens would not allow them the use of a pool, sauna or elevator so they could completely mimic the video, which sees the eccentric rapper relaxing in a swimming pool or enjoying a steam bath in a towel.

They are the latest to mimic the video, which went viral through social networks and was shared and tweeted by celebrities across the world.

In one hilarious spoof, students from the US Naval Academy 22nd Company strut their stuff round the Annapolis, Maryland campus decked out in their glistening white uniforms.

San Francisco newlyweds Stephani Nguyen and Jeremy Ueno also joined in the craze by coming up with an inspired plan to adapt YouTube's most viewed pop hit of all time to make their hilarious video.

Psy's music video, in which he performs his now signature horse riding move, became an internet hit attracting hundreds of millions of viewers on YouTube since its July release and the singer attended the VMA's.

Psy - real name Park Jae Sung - was the first Korean artist to be invited to the industry event since 2005.

His undeniably catchy song was meant as a commentary on the rampant materialism and emphasis on appearance of today's South Korea - particularly in relation to Gangnam, which Psy terms Seoul's Beverly Hills.

'Gangnam Style' is Korean slang that refers to a luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district, an affluent and trendy area of Seoul.

The phrase is widely associated with people who are 'trendy', 'hippy' or exude 'swag'

The Los Angeles Times has said the song was #taking over the world' and Time Magazine said it was 'hard not to watch again ...and again ...and again.'

- The Daily Mail