Nicole Kidman got into a heated argument with director Lee Daniels on the set of new erotic thriller The Paperboy after refusing to use a derogatory term included in the script.

The Australian actress, who plays prisoner John Cusack's lover in the upcoming movie, pushed her boundaries to the limit by filming three controversial scenes in the first three days of production.

However, Kidman drew the line when it came to using the word "n***er" and her stance caused major tension with her boss.

"Her character was supposed to say the N-word, and she wouldn't say it," Daniels told the New York Post.


"I was angry. My producer tells me, 'Are you serious? She bends over a washing machine and takes it from John Cusack in the first day, she has telepathic sex with Cusack in prison on the second day, she urinates on Zac Efron on the third day, and you're angry because she won't say the N-word? Give the girl a break'.

"I said, 'Alright'."

Kidman stars as the sex-crazed Charlotte in the film - a much-older love interest for co-star Zac Efron.

She was required to pee on the young actor's leg to soothe his pain after his character was stung by a jellyfish on the beach - and she had no problems doing it for real.

"The peeing thing, I didn't think was that weird, because I was in character," she told V magazine.

"That was for the jellyfish. And for me it said so much about Charlotte. One, she's protecting him. Two, she's tough as nails and no one else is going to pee on this guy.

"All of that made total sense to me. I just went for it and didn't overthink it."