One Direction insists their new single is supposed to sound like a song by The Clash after they were accused of copying the hit Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

The members of the boy band found themselves at the centre of copying claims following the release of their track Live While We're Young, with fans suggesting a large part of the song sounds just like 1982 classic.

The young singers opened up about the controversy, insisting the similarities were deliberate.

"It was kind of on purpose though. It's a great riff," Harry Styles told the BBC.


He also confirmed their popular hit What Makes You Beautiful featured a nod to Grease song Summer Nights: "It's a bit like the first single where the opening riff sounds similar to a certain film..."

Styles' bandmate Louis Tomlinson added: "I assume it must be quite difficult to do a unique riff now because there have been so many songs - surely there's only so many riffs you can pull out?"

The band recently settled a dispute with another band called One Direction that allowed both acts to keep their name.