Lost your job? Struggling to find work in these recession-hit times? A new movie may have the answer for you.

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

reckons one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money is, yep, slinging dope. Featuring interviews with


50 Cent, Eminem


The Wire


David Simon

and, erm,

Susan Sarandon

, it's an independent and in-depth look at one of the fastest-growing, and most controversial, industries on the planet. (Apple)


2. Speaking of drugs, have you ever wondered how certain stimulants can affect your self esteem? Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders has, so he set about taking 40 different drugs and drew self portraits while he was under the influence of each. The results are predictable, but still funny and serve as yet another warning to stay off the bath salts. (Twitter)

3. Rapper-man-of-the-moment A$AP Rocky has delayed his debut album till February, which is aaages away. Instead, download the new mixtape from his affiliated crew A$AP Mob, called Lord$ Never Worry. (Pretty Much Amazing)

4. So Band of Horses might not be your thing, but it's still worth checking out their great new video for Knock Knock, a nature documentary that had me LOLing all over my keyboard. (YouTube)

5. It's pretty easy to hate Nicolas Cage. Those weird accents. The bad hair. The awful movies. Well, here's another reason to add to the list. His new movie Stolen is basically a remake of Taken and comes with what is surely the worst trailer of all time. OF ALL TIME. Enjoy. (Flicks.co.nz)

6. Here's the one and only NSFW link today: It's the video for Diplo's Set It Off, featuring plenty of pole dancing. In a classy way, of course. (Pitchfork)

7. Ever wanted to see a movie about the art of butter sculpting? Now's your chance... (Flicks)

8. There's no debating that Sleigh Bells rule. Like, totally. But their new video, and the accompanying video, for latest single End of the Line doesn't quite get that fact across like it should. Instead, we get Derek Miller on a BMX and Alexis Krauss in a vintage nightgown. Are they getting soft? (YouTube)

9. While we're on the keep-it-quiet vibe, check out the first single from newly solo Death Cab For Cutie front man Benjamin Gibbard, called Teardrop Window. Aww. (PMA)

10. So you made it to the end. Well done. Now, for goodness sake, go watch that excellent new Flight of the Conchords song Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That) again. It's ace - and the kids that helped write it are incredible. (nzherald.co.nz)

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