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It's fitting that the first words you hear on Slipknot's greatest hits album are "here comes the pain" from raging early song (SIC). B

ecause, since the late 90s, the masked metallers from Iowa have been dishing out an ear-bashing to their loyal "maggot" fans at a consistent and high quality rate.

Although there's been no new material since 2008's All Hope is Gone - and during that time they have been on hiatus, bass player Paul Gray died of a drug overdose, and they returned to touring - this 19-track album is a perfect collection documenting the band's heavy reign so far.

While Slipknot were born out of the nu metal movement, they were always more interesting and fearsome than any of the other bands.


And it wasn't because of their masks. Songs like the mangled and ranting rage of Spit it Out, the gleefully obnoxious People = Shit, and the moshpit inciting Heretic Anthem (the live version is included here) are as nasty as they are intensely intricate.

It's also oddly empowering music. And another thing that makes Slipknot so good is their unhinged attack, which can only be conjured by people obsessed and devoted to the din they create - from the maniacal beat carnage of Eyeless to their more, well, melodic, moments on latter day track Psychosocial.

Even though fans will have all these songs already, maggots should writhe with delight at this killer offering.

Stars: 4/5
Verdict: Will set the pulse of the maggots alight.
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- TimeOut