Teenage girls in Justin Bieber t-shirts are taking over central Auckland, trying to track down the Canadian pop star, who is giving a top secret concert to 200 fans today.

Bieber is performing at the Cloud at Queen's Wharf, according to several reports.

More than a hundred girls have been screaming outside the Langham Hotel since early this morning, hoping to get a glimpse of Bieber in the window.

At about 2.30pm, hysteria erupted when Bieber's driver came out of the hotel and got into a car - girls broke through the barrier and had to be restrained by police.


Bieber reportedly also visited Starship Children's Hospital this afternoon. Bieber has been an advocate for the Starship Foundation, calling on his fans to donate money with his Believe Charity Drive last year.

Meanwhile, the 200 people who are lucky enough to have scored a ticket to his exclusive showcase concert have been split up between the Cloud at Princes Wharf and Takutai Square to get their wristbands.

Two girls waiting in homemade "I heart JB" glittered t-shirts said they knew when and where the showcase was, but they had been sworn to secrecy.