Justin Bieber is in Auckland but very few people know exactly where.

Fans have been trying to find out the 18-year-old Canadian's movements during his three-day promotional tour, but his record company has been keeping his whereabouts under wraps.

It's believed the secrecy is to avoid the mob of fans that followed him during his last visit to New Zealand two years ago.

Bieber is in New Zealand to promote his "coming of age" album, Believe. So far he has only sent one tweet since landing in Auckland, and it consisted of two letters: "NZ".


One part of the tour that has been confirmed is Bieber's exclusive showcase performance to a crowd of 200 this afternoon.

But the whole show has been shrouded in mystery and even those who have tickets won't officially know where the concert is being held until this afternoon.

A spokesman for Universal Music said that apart from the gig, Bieber was "not planning to leave the hotel. He's bound to at some stage, but I have no info about when or where."

Those invited to the concert have been instructed to meet at Takutai Square where they will receive their tickets and be ushered to the venue.

Samantha Carey, who has two tickets, said: "I'm so excited, I actually can't wait. It's unbelievable."

The 16-year-old Epsom Girls' Grammar student said she would be just as excited to see Bieber's girlfriend - actress and singer Selena Gomez, who is travelling with him.

The Canadian and his entourage arrived in Auckland late last night on an Air New Zealand flight from Sydney.

But Bieber's closely guarded schedule didn't stop his New Zealand fans from planning to hunt him out.

"Tomorrow I will have my Bieber stalk on like crazy in Auckland! Plus Selena is coming too, that's double the excitement!," Katherine Jack posted on Twitter.