The Mick Jagger I met six years ago in a hotel lobby was debonair but disciplined - and very aware of his place in music history.

I spent a surreal four nights in the company of the legendary ladies' man. There was copious amounts of flirting and rigorous banter.

Jagger likes a good conversation and not much was off limits - drugs, art-collecting, cricket, music, politics, children, holidays, sex, marriage contracts and tabloid journalism.

He said he hated the paparazzi and his privacy being invaded, but was visibly irked when diners at Cibo (one restaurant I took him to) paid scant attention to him.


He misunderstood the laidback Kiwi attitude to celebrity. Believe me, everyone was impressed a rock star was in their presence.

There's talk of a tour later this year. Jagger has a youthful enthusiasm to life, but slow down and step away from the limelight and adoration? Unlikely.