There's one problem with the first trailer featuring Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher: It's in Russian. That, and plenty else, is included in this wrap of the 10 best things you'll see on the web today.


The first trailer for

Tom Cruise's

controversial role as literary hard man


Jack Reacher

has hit the web, but there's one small problem: It's in Russian. Still, it gives you a sense of what Cruise is bringing to the role with some

Mission: Impossible

-style music, explosions, car chases and an ass-whipping for at least five dudes. If only Cruise was a couple of inches taller, huh?


2. Taika Waititi takes the piss like only Taika Waititi can in his new ad for Steinlager. Check out his funky dance moves right here. (YouTube)

3. Did you miss our live stream of the 48 Hour Film Festival finale on Saturday night? Then check out the winning film Brains? here. Yes, it features zombies. (

4. Wu-Tang Clan beatmaker RZA has turned his hand to directing, and he has some famous faces on board to help out. Presented by Quentin Tarantino, Man With the Iron Fist also features Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu in what looks to be an epic kung fu action flick. Can't wait for the soundtrack. (NME)

5. Outlandish rap group Odd Future debuted a six-minute war torn short film over the weekend. It's called Sam Is Dead, and it too has awesome music. Watch it here. (YouTube)

6. Could you spend a month living entirely off TradeMe? In America, it's called Craigslist, and Joe spent a month doing just that. Watch the trailer for Craigslist Joe here. (First Showing)

7. If you're feeling a bit down after the end of Game of Thrones, Beastwars' new music vid might cheer you up. Empire features gutteral howling, extreme riffing and maggots. Approach with caution. (Cheese on Toast)

8. I always have time for J Mascis so I'm stoked that Dinosaur Jr are back with a new track, Watch the Corners. It's from the album I Bet on Sky, due for release in September. (Stereogum)

9. Here's the trailer for Red Hook Summer, the latest film from Spike Lee. The cop from The Wire sure has an interesting haircut. (Apple)

10. You made it all the way to the end. Congratulations - your reward is a new track from Azealia Banks, the throwback rap of Nathan. And if you like that, check out Joey Bada$$, one of my current faves.

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