British comedian Russell Brand hosted a live appearance by the Dalai Lama over the weekend - and he warmed up the crowd with jokes about his sex life.

Brand, known for his 14-month marriage to pop star Katy Perry, was the MC for a live event in Manchester featuring the 76-year-old Buddhist monk.

British tabloid The Sun reported Brand introduced the iconic figure to the 11,000-strong audience by boasting about how he had won the "shagger of the year" award three times.

"Some of you might be surprised to see me here. I've gone from being Shagger of the Year three times to introducing the Dalai Lama," The Sun reported him as saying.


"It has certainly been an interesting journey. The Dalai Lama told me 'We are all just people' and I've taken that on board as I was very nervous meeting him."

Brand later told the crowd that he had been inspired by the Dalai Lama to forgive Graham Norton for questioning him about his recent marriage break-up.

"Someone was rude to me. I was angry. I can forgive the human being but not the action. Your speech has been really good for me."

- Herald online