Anne Hathaway didn't mind chopping her hair off.

The Dark Knight Rises actress who got her dramatic short pixie crop for her part as Fantine in the Les Miserables movie, admitted that is wasn't a problem getting rid of her signature long locks.

She told Vulture: "I did it for a film, so it really wasn't about me and my security.

"I'm just so pleased with how I look, so I now quite like having short hair."


The 29-year-old star confessed that she had some reservations about tackling Fantine's legendary tune, I Dreamed a Dream.

She revealed: "That's actually the thing we talked about when I first came in to film.

"I apparently looked like I was ready to face the guillotines. They just kept telling me and the cast to ignore the iconic nature of Les Mis and of the song. I had to sing it as if it had never been sung or heard before."

Anne added: "My mum was in the show when I was a kid. She actually covered Fantine and went on the national tour, so it was a really big part of my childhood."

- Bang! Showbiz