Two popular TV stars and a controversial radio jock clashed on Twitter on Tuesday, with the radio star's grovelling apology not cutting it, this time.

Dominic Harvey, his wife, Jay-Jay Feeney, and Mike Puru released a podcast on their Edge radio show recorded at last week's Shortland St party featuring conversations with cast members Pua Magasiva (Vinnie Kruse) and Teuila Blakely (Vasa Levi).

But Magasiva is furious. He says The Edge recorded him in secret and while he was drunk.

"Jus herd my secret recorded interview with JJ on the Edge wile I was drunk. Nice try 2 make me luk stupid! Disappointing bt thts Edge 4u," Magasiva wrote on Twitter.


Harvey grovelled: "Sorry bro! Didn't mean to offend. We love all the Magisivas. Wouldn't have played it if we thought it made you look bad!"

But Magasiva - whose elder brother Robbie is also on Shortland St - wasn't buying the apology. He said the recording, made without his consent, was no joke.

"Make me look bad, fine! But make my wife look bad? Not cool. I am hurt ova that. So was she ... Wrong move and very disrespectful ... When involves someone's family then we got serious problems. Me, have a go. Not my family."

Magasiva and Blakely thought they were chatting to Feeney and Harvey as friends, not realising the conversation was being recorded.

Tamar Munch, a Shortland St publicist, said the comments the TV stars made were not bad, but the language they used was out of the ordinary.

"Pua and Teuila did not know they were being secretly recorded. It was the end of the night, they'd had a few drinks, said some swear words and thought they were talking to mates."

Munch compared the stealth recording to "an undercover sting".

South Pacific Pictures, maker of Shortland St, asked for the recordings to be removed from the radio station's website. The Edge complied.

But it hasn't stopped there. SPP say they have complained to MediaWorks, owners of The Edge, about an alleged breach of broadcasting standards. Conversations are ongoing.

It hasn't stopped an angry tirade from fans and colleagues towards The Edge.

The cast of Shortland St have gone in to bat for their castmates. Angela Bloomfield, who plays Rachel McKenna, raced to her co-stars' defence and said she would boycott the station.

"I'm sure it's illegal to record people without their knowledge and play it on the radio ... They would never have sworn or talked to you about those things if they knew you were taping," Bloomfield scolded Harvey on Twitter.

Fair call. Harvey knows the omnipotent wrath of SPP could mean less access to Shorty St stars and, worse, to their coveted audience. It's no surprise he grovelled. But is an apology on Twitter satisfactory?

The Edge, no stranger to stupid stunts, is hoping the controversy will blow over.

The station's programme director, Leon Wratt, released a statement on behalf of his jocks.

"We didn't mean to cause concern or upset anyone and we are very sorry that we have."

Harvey would not talk to The Diary about his actions.


While Kate Middleton recycled her £1200 ($2470) Kiwi-designed dress at a Buckingham Palace garden party this week, former All Black Byron Kelleher, 35, was with another European princess.

The Dunedin-born rugby star hobnobbed with Princess Charlene of Monaco, 34, and her 54-year-old husband, Prince Albert II, at the Monastero Santa Rosa - a newly opened hotel and spa in a former 17th-century monastery on Italy's Amalfi Coast, Vanity Fair reported on its website.

Kelleher and Charlene swam laps in the infinity pool overlooking the cerulean Bay of Salerno.

The pricey five-star hotel, built into the side of a mountain, opened two weeks ago and has quickly become the hotspot for the world's rich and famous.

Kelleher is a friend of the royal couple and attended their wedding last year. He was reportedly seen at a tennis tournament with the Princess and rumours quickly mounted about their friendship. South African Charlene, a former swimming Olympian, used to date Andre Snyman, a professional rugby player from her homeland. It is said she likes her men fit and muscular. Or bearing a royal pedigree.

Kelleher, who was released from Stade Francais in April, a year before his contract was due to expire, denied rumours in the French press this week that he is on the verge of retirement.

Next week, he will play in the Serge Betsen testimonial match in Biarritz. "But it won't be my last game," Kelleher said on his personal website.

Alas, "watch this space" is not really a satisfactory answer. Presumably negotiations to join a new club are under way. Media reports suggest he will transfer to Japan.

It is understood Kelleher was at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend, and took part in a cycle race with the principality's ruler. He won't find it so easy to mix and mingle with European royalty if he's based in Asia.


When news broke yesterday that troubled Black Cap Jesse Ryder is opting out of an international cricket contract, the promoters of the KFC Godfather of Fight Nights schemed. "Jesse Ryder and Shane Warne in the ring together, now that would be great," David Higgins told The Diary.

It would certainly be an impressive undercard to the Shane Cameron and Monte Barrett bout on July 5.

Jaime Ridge, the teenage daughter of a former international sports star and an aspiring TV face, will make her boxing debut that night in the ring against Rosanna Arkle, star of The GC and lover of bikinis.


Our interest was piqued when our favourite One News reporter, Heather du Plessis-Allan, took to Twitter this week to vent about Sir Peter Jackson's right-hand man, Matt Dravitski.

"Sir Peter Jackson's personal assistant just called to tell me I'm a right f***ing bitch. There you have it," she tweeted.

She wouldn't reveal more when we rang, but a TVNZ rep said Dravitski had taken umbrage with the One News reporter.


Hollywood sprog Nicole Richie was spotted shopping at Kiwi fashion house World in Sydney.

The House of Harlow designer evaded the paparazzi and slipped into the World store in Paddington on Tuesday.

An hour later, she left toting several purchases, including two World T-shirts, a tube of Italian toothpaste and three bottles of pricey French perfume.