In the four years since Santigold (formerly Santogold) released her forceful self-titled debut, the pop landscape has changed.

Where she used to be an artist at the forefront of a provocative wave, now Nicki Minaj and MIA have climbed the charts, and her long-time producers Diplo and Switch blew up as Major Laser with their hit Pon de Floor, and ended up working for Beyonce.

This bewitching pop star may not be quite as attention-grabbing or surprising four years on, but she's still come up with an impressive second album, one which declares her confusion and discontent with the world, and her desire to rise above it.

With a grab bag of producers working with her (Switch and Diplo, Q-Tip, Dave Sitek, Boys Noize, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner) it's rich in diversity. Opening with the single Go! featuring Karen O, she's riding all over the deep, propulsive, military beats like a commander, teasing and taunting with a flashing confidence.


She fires through the more familiar hip-hop-esque pop of Disparate Youth, towards Freak Like Me which seizes your ears with its Major Laser meets Gwen Stefani sound.

Next she's dipping into more experimental waters, drifting, deeper and darker into This Isn't Our Parade, and the brilliantly smouldering The Riot's Gone. She finishes at her most defiant and aggressive, with rapid fire rhymes delivered in disdain on Look At These Hoes and Big Mouth.

Stars: 4/5
Verdict: Diverse and experimental second album.
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