NZ On Air has released the proposal it received to fund new reality television show The GC - revealing that it was originally to be called Golden Mozzies.

The programme, following a group of young Maori living on the Gold Coast, has been a hot topic since it debuted on TV3 two weeks ago.

Fans and critics alike have swarmed social networking sites to discuss it; with many saying it was great to successful Maori on TV, while others have labelled it as tacky entertainment, comparing it to American reality show Jersey Shore.

The proposal talks about wanting to portray young Maori in a positive light and says the show will follow how those on the programme have become so much more successful in Australia than in New Zealand.


"The observational documentary series Golden Mozzies follows seven young Maori who left New Zealand as unskilled workers but are now striving for and achieving business and personal success on the Gold Coast," the proposal says.

"They are in a new place with new hope. They are a new generation with a new vision. But they are also striving to hang on to the old."

Much of the proposal highlights entrepreneurial opportunities that many young Maori living in the Gold Coast are striving for.

It also talks about wanting to show off how Maori in Australia struggle with the idea that those back home see them as "plastic" or wanting to be pakeha because of the move across the ditch.

The social scene is mentioned a few times, but is not highlighted and the word "sex" does not appear in the proposal.

Yet the programme has fast become known for the showing off of tanned and ripped bodies, women in bikinis and the party life in the Gold Coast, rather than a big focus on business life.

The opening credits say: "Nearly 130,000 Maori now reside in Australia. This show is about a bunch of them living the good life on the Gold Coast. Some live together, some work together. But they're all chasing the dream, sex and fame on the GC."