Hopes are high that a new TV adventure show by JJ Abrams will replace the gaping hole left since Lost's six-season run came to an end. Check out the trailer and 10 other awesome links.


The first trailer has been released for JJ Abrams' new TV show


, and it bears more than a few similarities to



. The show, airing on NBC in America later this year, is about a post-apocalyptic world in which all electronics were rendered useless by an unknown event 15 years ago.

Iron Man

director Jon Favreau is said to be directing the first episode, while the trailer features some spooky


-type mystery stuff and a plane falling from the sky. Sound familiar? (YouTube)

2. Here's some more Prometheus eye candy courtesy of Apple's ever-reliable trailers page. If someone could please put me in a hybernation chamber (check it for aliens first please) until June 7, that would be great. (Apple)

3. Hit local hip-hop group Home Brew are continuing their headline-baiting antics with a store takeover every day this week at 160 Ponsonby Road, from 11am-11pm. It's full of "exclusive" merchandise, T-shirts, sweaters and probably most of the band in various stages of drunkenness. Check out the promo clip here. (YouTube)

4. Check out the trailer for Mansome, the new comedy-doco by prankster Morgan Spurlock and featuring more beards than a folk music festival. To celebrate, I'm going to start growing a 'tache - that's how long it'll take me if I want to participate in Movember. (Apple)

5. I know I'm outing myself as a computer game geek here but I don't care: The first two Max Payne games were the greatest PC games ever, so I'm pretty excited about Max Payne 3, due for release on Friday. That's my weekend sorted, so check out the new trailer here. (TV3)

6. Ready for some creepy weirdness? Then check out This, a new clip from Modeselektor and Thom Yorke. Not since the last Tool video has stop-motion been this awesome. (Metacritic)

7. Foul-mouthed rapper Azealia Banks - imagine MIA, Nicki Minaj and Salt N Pepa rolled into one pocket-sized ball of energy - is gearing up for the release of her first mixtape, and here's the first song from it. (Pretty Much Amazing)

8. They've got the best band name ever, and their dreamy electro-pop tunes aren't too bad either. Check out two new tracks from Gold Panda. (Pitchfork)

9. What do you get when you mix Hamlet and zombies? Zombie Hamlet, obviously. (Apple)

10. Zach Galifianakis vs Will Ferrell. It could only happen in the movies. Specifically, it's from The Campaign, due out on August 9. (Flicks.co.nz)

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