Justin Bieber has graduated from high school.

The Boyfriend singer continued his studies away from a normal educational facility while touring the world, but is delighted to be free of the extra learning.

He said: "I just finished high school. I passed my test - I'm free! It was hard doing school and work every day."

Although Justin would have been happy to give up his education, his mother Patti preferred he stuck to it.


He added: "School was something my mum really wanted me to do, so I had to do it for her.

"I mean, this kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life. I've been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading.

"I'm really not into that stuff. I like to be out there!"

He would not want to give up his career because of other people and does what he wants to, when he wants to.

He told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Here's the thing, I'm my own person. I don't make my decisions based around what people are going to think of me. I make them based on what I want to do and who I think I want to be.

"If none of this was happening, if there were no cameras around me, that's the kind of person I'd want to be - a good person."

- Bang! Showbiz